Game Information Era Glacial

Era Glacial

Era Glacial Get in this icy adventure , meet whales , tigers, sea lions , polar bears, mammoths and more!
Find three penguins and open the refrigerator, but be quick in your choice to rescue the best bonuses .
To win the accumulated you should come across 4 or 5 polar bears in a continuous sequence .
You will have fun with the dance of the animals and the amazing bonus with lots of action !
Era Glacial

How to play Era Glacial

Era Glacial is a game of slots with 20 payment lines, and you can choose the number of lines you want to play with.
Choose your bet and it will be multiplied for the selected lines.
The prizes are given for each sequence of symbols that start on the first roll from the left or from the right, when 3, 4 or 5 symbols appear in a sequence on one of the selected payment lines.

Three kinds of bonuses are offered (refrigerator, penguins flip, free plays)

With three penguin symbols you will be able to access to the Fridge Bonus.
In this bonus, you have a certain time to open the fridge and to choose the penguins with prizes.
In case you choose three penguins with the same value, you will get the prize and the bonus will finish.
If the time is up, the game will automatically choose the penguins.

You may access this bonus if you have four penguin' symbols.
In this bonus, you have a certain time to throw each penguin to the baskets attached to the balloons.
Each penguin thrown into the basket increases your prize, and each penguin thrown out of the basket, decreases your prize.
You get the final prize after 5 penguins are thrown.
In case the time is up, the game will automatically throw the penguin.

3, 4 or 5 Eskimo symbols on the payment line, give up to 10, 20 or 40 free spins.
The earnings of the free spins are added to the credits when the feature is over.
During the free spins it is not possible to change the bets or the lines selected, and the jackpot cannot be paid.

In order to win the jackpot you need to bet three or more credits per line and you must have the 20 payment lines selected.

4 or 5 POLAR BEAR symbols on one of the selected payment lines, will give you the jackpot:
If 5 bears fall into the payment line, you receive the jackpot 5x.
If 4 bears fall into the payment line, you receive the jackpot 4x.
Just one jackpot per play is paid.

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